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Poker Hand Histories from the Experts

Ridiculously good value hand histories for serious poker players

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We track millions of hands from all the major poker networks each day.

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All hands are 100% compatible with any tracking software or HUD.

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We offer bulk and subscription deals for all sites and limits - our pricing is unbeatable.

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Check out our coverage page to see how many hands we mine daily.

Drastically Increase Your Edge.

Play the best tables with unlimited reads

We know that online poker today is tough and you need to utilize every possible edge to maximize your winnings at the table. Finding the best tables to play on is impossible without up to date statistics and data on the player pool, and consistently playing pots against opponents with no reads or statistics is a sure fire way to lose your bank roll fast. Never have these problems again with HHSmithy.

Never play against unknowns

Without detailed statistics, you have to play at least few hundred raked hands to find out about the players at your table. This could easilly cost you ten or twenty big blinds in rake. For a fraction of the cost you can have data right at your finger tips so you can make the best decision before it costs you your bank roll.

Table select with complete knowledge

Picking the best tables to play on can be the difference between being a winning poker player and a losing one. Without knowing who is sitting at each table, their win rate, and statistics its impossible to find tables with the weakest players and maximize your edge and profit. Use massive amounts of hand history data to analyse available tables to choose the most profitable ones to join.

Analyze tough regulars

Sometimes your opponents seem to consistently get the better of you. They three and four bet at all of the right times. They raise and fold to your continuation bets with unbelievable accuracy. Instead of paying multiple buy-ins to figure out how to best play back, analyze the hundreds of thousands of hands they’ve played. Modern day poker tracking applications such as Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker make looking through millions of hands an absolute breeze.

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O HHSmithy é de longe o melhor site de hand histories de poker na internet. Seu serviço ao cliente e seus preços são drasticamente melhores que os de seus competidores. - Eric J
- Eric J

O HHSmithy tem um formidável serviço ao cliente. Eles são esclarecedores e tratam dos assuntos rapidamente. Recomendo muito o uso de seu serviço.
- Barbara D

Penso que o HHSmithy é um dos amigos cruciais do jogador sério. Todos nós sabemos da utilidade das hand histories, e o HHSmithy é a fonte perfeita - é de confiança, a conta de utilizador é muito fácil de usar, os subscritores podem alterar os sites de poker subscritos sempre que quiserem, e o auto-downloader lhe evita o trabalho de ter de importar e gerir as hand histories manualmente. Você pode simplesmente se esquecer delas e jogar seu poker.
- Daniel S

Com o HHSmithy eu recebo diariamente uma quantidade inacreditável de informação a um ótimo preço. Estou agora jogando com um tracking de quase 100% de meus oponentes, tomando decisões muito melhores e ganhando mais dinheiro.
- Matt S

O serviço de cliente do HHSmithy marca o topo da indústria! Eu poderia falar sem parar dos ótimos preços, cobertura e fiabilidade, mas o que marca realmente a diferença entre esse site e os outros é que aqui eles realmente se preocupam com seu produto. Depois de vários anos como cliente, sempre recebi respostas rápidas e um tratamento execional!
- Kevin M

HH Smithy is far and away the best hand history provider. The value they offer is outstanding, combining great coverage with affordable package pricing. Additionally, the customer service is extremely responsive and helpful. HHSmithy stands alone in a crowded marketplace.
- Alex C

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